Strata Management for Property Developers

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All new developments have a consistent process that Body Corporate Strata Group would assist and step through, making sure we can provide additional value to our overall purpose of managing the Owners Corporation.

Stage 1. Initial Meeting/s -  Understanding of Owners Corporation

Gathering of information such as:

- Draft building plans and plan of subdivision

- Understanding of common services (i.e. elevators, common electricity, stairwells, gardens, etc.)

- Identification of multiple Owners Corporations

- Developer's expectations

- Introduction to Body Corporate Strata Group and service capabilities

Stage 2. Body Corporate Strata Group Management Proposal

Stage 3. Preparation of Indicative Budget

Based on all information gathered from initial meetings, Body Corporate Strata Group will prepare and indicative budget based on what the expected, annual Owners Corporation fees will be. The indicative budget helps the developer and sales team when selling off the plan for prospective purchasers who may inquire about the Owners Corporation fees.

Stage 4. Contract of Appointment

Upon acceptance of our proposal and indicative budget, Body Corporate Strata Group will require a Contract of Appointment to be signed for the authorization to act on your behalf through all stages of the development affecting the Owners Corporation.

Stage 5. Marketing & Sales

We will assist through all facets of the sales process affecting the Owners Corporation, such as:

- Set up an introductory meeting with your sales team
- Provide a direct information and enquiry line to our Business Development Manager for your sales agent and prospective purchasers
- Complete specific marketing material as part of your marketing and sales program
- Attend presentation nights and/or conduct presentations

Stage 6. Setting up Owners Corporation

Prior to settlement of your unit/s, we will require specific information to set up the  Owners Corporation, such as:

- Registered Plan of Subdivision

- Certificate of Occupancy

- Preparation and completion of the Inaugural Annual General Meeting, including finalisation of minutes

- Payment of Owners Corporation Strata Insurance which is triggered by the issue of your Certificate of Occupancy

- Invoicing of Owners Corporation fees

At this stage, we will also obtain your ABN number, common seal and set up the Owners Corporation bank account

Importantly, all pre-paid costs expended by the Developer relating to the Owners  Corporation establishment including Strata Insurance  are reclaimed at the time of  settlement of your property either in full or pro-rata

Stage 7. Settlement

- Completion of Owners Corporation Certificates with required documentation attached

- On-site inspection of property with Owners Corporation manager

- Affixing of Owners Corporation Management sign

Stage 8. Welcome to Body Corporate Strata Group

Often the purchaser has never been involved with an Owners Corporation,  we see the first time they may have anything to do with our company is by receiving an invoice.

To make sure they are aware of the services the  Owners Corporation are responsible and by way of introduction, all owners receive a detailed welcome kit with facts about the services the Owners Corporation provide, model rules , contact details and much more.