Strata Management for Property Developers

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We take a collaborative approach with the developers we work with and follow a stringent process when working on new builds. This process allows us to provide a thorough proposal that, once approved, sets the Owners Corporation up for success. 

If you’re a developer looking to set up an Owners Corporation for a new build, check out our process below and submit a quote today! 

Stage 1: Getting to know you: gathering information through an initial meeting and giving you an introduction to us

Stage 2: We will use this information to build and send you a proposal

Stage 3: In-line with stage 2, we will prepare an indicative budget, including fees, ready to be included in sales materials

Stage 4: The stage where you appoint us as your Strata Management company of choice, allowing us to act on your behalf through all stages of development affecting the Owners Corporation

Stage 5: Marketing & sales preparation allowing us to supply you with any relevant materials as it relates to the sales process. 

Stage 6: Pre-settlement, Official Owners Corporation set-up requiring: registered plan of subdivision and certificates of occupancy

Stage 7: Settlement of properties including completion of Owners Corporation certificates, on-site inspection with your manager and the affixing of our sign

Stage 8: Welcoming purchasers to Body Corporate Strata Group via a detailed welcome kit about the services we provide and how to access them.

If you would like to learn more about our developer services, get in touch today!