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Strata, or Body Corporate Management, is the day-to-day operation and running of a property that is jointly owned and made up of multiple units, common areas and common facilities. It is our bread and butter and what we proudly specialise in. 

We assign our Managers to the Owners Corporations we work with based on their experience and specialities (commercial, size etc.) in order to ensure the best possible service. 

Below you will find a snapshot of some of the tasks that our Owners Corporation Managers are responsible for. However, it's important to note that these adapt based on the individual needs of each Owners Corporation we work with. If you'd like to discuss the needs of your Owners Corporation, submit a quote today and one of our Business Development Managers will be in touch!

-           Inaugural AGM establishing the Owners Corporation, chairperson, budget, strata insurance, committee and general business
-          Managing all common services to your property
-          Accounts Payable & Receivable
-          Maintaining the most competitive strata building insurance cover
-          Submission and processing of insurance claims
-          Conducting Annual/Special General Meetings including all preparatory documentation and minutes
-          Communication with your committee and members
-          Providing financial reports as requested in a timely manner
-          Ensuring OH&S Compliance
-          Correspondence with Council on matters relative to your property
-          Building and fire code regulations
-          Ensuring that all Owners Corporation fees & levies are paid on time          
-          Ensuring that occupiers comply with the model rules
-          Debt collection 
-          Establish a maintenance fund for future capital works/improvements
-          Provide an out of hour's emergency service available to all occupants of the owner's corporation
-          Affixing of the Common Seal
-          Producing Owners Corporation certificates
-          Maintaining all Owners Corporation records and offsite archiving
-         Dealing with dispute resolutions effecting the Owners Corporation
-         And much, much more…

A Little More on Strata Compliance...

An important part of our work is ensuring that every Owners Corporation we work with is compliant with all relevant laws, legislation and regulations through a comprehensive risk management processes. Our diligence extends into contractor selection and OH&S auditing, both of which are conducted using independent companies or panel selection processes. 

To put it simply, we work to make sure the contractors we work with deliver to the scope, time, budget and quality specifications of our clients and that all legislation is followed when it comes to safety and finances.  

If you'd like to learn more about our services or obtain a no obligation quote - get in contact today!