Alison, Owners Corporation - Ascot Vale

We came to Body Corporate Strata Group (BCSG) after an unsatisfactory relationship with our prior Owners Corporation manager. We had an on-going issue with a unit holder and their tenant. BCSG were supportive in the action we took and proactive by resolving the issue. All maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner and resolved. BCSG are also receptive to any complaints about current suppliers and happily source quotes from alternatives for our committee to consider. Our latest AGM was completed within the hour despite many lengthy discussion about our budget and garden upkeep. It was conducted efficiently by our manager who either knew the answer or provided the required documentation soon after the meeting. We've had no issue with the management fees charged. Basically, BCSG knows what they're doing (know the property management game), gets issues resolved as quickly as the committee makes its decision or the issue is brought to their attention and most importantly.....they answer the phone when you call